Impact of Giving

Your support helps our Hospital provide exceptional patient care.

Every moment of every day, the generosity of caring community members like you is felt by patients, their families and hospital staff at Guelph General Hospital.

In fact, members of our community help fund every piece of patient care equipment at Guelph General Hospital. Equipment as essential as IV pumps and surgical devices, and items that provide comfort and cheer to patients and their families such as sleeper chairs and colorful artwork, is available at our Hospital only because of kind and caring donations.

The articles found on this page illustrate the impact of giving and just how important you are to creating a Hospital that can provide the services and patient care that our community expects and deserves.


Respiratory therapist beside ventillator

Tour de Guelph Helps Patients at Guelph General Breathe Easy

On June 25 of this year, seven hundred and five riders signed on to ride one of the six, beautiful routes that meandered in and around the local countryside, and together raised close to $100,000 for important initiatives that benefit people in our community. Guelph General Hospital purchased two non-invasive respiratory ventilators with its share…

Dr. Hoey holding new orthopedic drill

Donors put vital tools in the hands of Guelph General’s surgeons.

Patient wait times for surgery are improved and patient safety during surgery is strengthened because you responded generously. Last holiday season kind and caring community members generously responded to our holiday campaign, raising over $140,000 to help Guelph General Hospital purchase new surgical equipment. Five new Orthopedic Drills and a new Nerve Integrity Monitor (NIM)…

Team of GGH staff helping prepare new beds.

Final shipment of beds received and providing comfort and safety to patients.

We’re excited to report that towards the end of summer, a special delivery of 30 brand new patient beds arrived at Guelph General Hospital. The delivery was the final one in a three-year plan to replace a total of 88 beds throughout the Hospital. There’s nothing like a good night’s sleep…and that’s especially true for…

Patient receiving IV medication

Community helped GGH provide safer patient care with a new fleet of IV Pumps

It’s been nearly two years since a new fleet of 300 IV Pumps arrived at Guelph General Hospital. In this time, they have helped our health care team provide safer patient care to literally thousands of people in our community. It became necessary to replace the Hospital’s IV pumps because the previous pumps were soon…

Demonstration of Wound Therapy Machine

A small and simple device provides comfort to patients.

Earlier this year, the Hospital purchased a new Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Machine (NPWT). It was one of over 100 of pieces of patient care equipment purchased with the 2016-17 funds transfer from the Foundation to the Hospital. The new NPWT is a small but handy little device. It’s about the size of a small purse…

Scanning a patient specimen using Guelph General Hospital's new donor funded tracking system.

In our laboratory, donors help provide the safest and highest quality care

The Hospital’s Laboratory receives 50 new patient specimen cases each and every day. Many are from patients who are having colonoscopies. Others come from patients who undergo a biopsy to rule-in or out disease, perhaps breast or prostate cancer. Still other samples come from patients in our ORs. Each sample goes through a series of steps…

One of Guelph General Hospital's Omnicell System Administrators demonstrates the new fingerprint scanning capability.

Technology advancements lead to better patient care at our Hospital

Guelph General Hospital is always looking for ways to help healthcare workers carry out their patient care responsibilities with greater ease and efficiency. When healthcare workers can perform their tasks with greater ease and efficiency, they can spend as much time as possible at their patient’s bedside where they are needed most. Thankfully today, technological…

Technologist performing Ultrasound at Guelph General Hospital.

New donor funded Ultrasound Machines improve patient care

Three new donor funded ultrasound machines arrived at the Hospital in the summer of 2016 and their impact on improved patient care was immediate. Mark Lovallo, GGH’s Ultrasound Charge Technologist, explained that it is the advanced image quality of these new state-of-the-art ultrasound machines that results in the many patient care improvements: Improved patient wait…