Impact of Giving

Your support helps our Hospital provide exceptional patient care.

Every moment of every day, the generosity of caring community members like you is felt by patients, their families and hospital staff at Guelph General Hospital.

In fact, members of our community fund every piece of equipment used in the direct care of patients at Guelph General Hospital. Equipment as essential as IV pumps and surgical devices, and items that provide comfort and cheer to patients and their families such as sleeper chairs and colorful artwork, is available at our Hospital only because of kind and caring donations.

The articles found on this page illustrate the impact of giving and just how important you are to creating a Hospital that can provide the services and patient care that our community expects and deserves.

Door Disguises – A Best Practice in Elder Care – Come to Our 4West Medical Unit

Sometimes, keeping our patients calm is necessary as part of their healing journey. Feelings of anxiousness can take a toll on mental and physical energy and can reduce the ability to improve health. In some of our senior patients, these feelings can lead to what are known as ‘exit-seeking’ behaviours. Have you ever visited a…

25th Black Tie Bingo funds advancements to Guelph General’s Vascular Surgery Suite

Black Tie Bingo 2021 funded equipment in the vascular surgery suite that produces high resolution and detailed images with much lower doses of radiation than the previous equipment. In the photo above, Dr. Afshin Jahromi, assisted by an OR nurse, repairs a patient’s aneurysm using the new equipment for one of the first times. Guelph…

Donors Support Welcoming Spaces for Patients and Families

Have you spent time supporting a loved one admitted to Guelph General Hospital in recent years? You may have found it hard to find a quiet and calm space to visit with your loved one. It is a sad fact that, over time, our Patient-Family Lounges had become outdated. Furniture was tired. Artwork was faded.…

Nicole Gautier with Medication Safety Carts

Guelph General’s most significant medication safety initiative is made possible by donors

Your generosity means so very much. It supports our exceptional team of nurses to complete one of the most fundamental tasks that they do each and every day, and it will impact every patient who comes into our Hospital. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Chelsea Harris RPhT, Pharmacy Department, GGH stands beside medication cabinets that she is preparing for use.

Generosity repeats itself as the Hospital expands its fleet of medication dispensing cabinets

It was nearly twenty years ago that generous donors to the Partners for Better Health campaign enabled Guelph General Hospital to invest in what was a new standard in medication safety – automated medication dispensing cabinets. Those machines have been workhorses, but they are now at end of life with parts and service no longer…

Tammy Thomson, GGH stands with new Coagulation Instruments

Thanks to donors, GGH’s Blood Lab has improved diagnostic tools

Recently, donations made to the Hospital’s $34 million Together, We Care campaign funded two new coagulation analyzers. The analyzers, along with software upgrades and set up fees, cost $100,000.

RPN with patient for pre-op blood pressure check.

Community members improve care for patients requiring Day Surgery at Guelph General

Guelph General Hospital’s Day Surgery Unit (DSU) received 12 new Blood Pressure Monitors – all funded through the support of our caring community. Blood pressure monitors are used in DSU before and after surgery for every patient. Dr. Ayman Rofaeel, MD, FRCPC, Chief of Anesthesiology at GGH, explained that the monitors are used in the…

Dr. Stamp with old and new C-arm

50/50 Hospital Lottery players provided funding for a new mini C-arm!

Equipment upgrades like this provide patients with the best outcomes possible. A C-arm is a type of X-ray machine that allows surgeons to evaluate bones in “real time” rather than as a still picture, which is what an X-ray is. With a C-arm, it’s like taking video of a patient’s anatomy, rather than just a…

GGF Caregivers assembling activity kits for seniors

Activity Kits provide relief to isolated seniors during pandemic at Guelph General Hospital

COVID-19 has affected our services at the hospital in so many ways. One of the most heartbreaking for us has been the reduction to the level of support we can offer our older adults, who have emerged as an incredibly vulnerable population during this pandemic.

With thanks to our community’s generous donations to the COVID-19 Critical Response Fund, the Hospital has resources to continue to respond to patient care needs emerging from the pandemic.

Dr Ian Phillips and Susanne Marriott RPN preparing for procedure

Donors help GGH keep pace with the patient care needs of our community

Thanks to those who give so generously to the Hospital, Dr. Ian Phillips has a new carpal tunnel release set to help him keep pace with the number of patients requiring treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), a condition which causes numbness, tingling and weakness in the hand and arm. The 10-minute surgery is done…

MRI Technologist holding TY Sign

Your generosity ensures patients can receive the care they need within their own community.

Guelph General Hospital needed to replace its MRI-compatible cardiac monitor because the previous unit was failing and could no longer be repaired. Thankfully the Hospital’s caregivers and their patients can rely on community members like you who support the ongoing patient care equipment needs of the Hospital.

Lori, ED Nurse, Training on Cardiac Monitor

Donors help caregivers keep a watchful eye on Guelph General’s most critically ill patients

The new centralized cardiac monitoring system has arrived and is now in use. Generous donors have made sure that Guelph General Hospital’s most critically ill patients receive the best possible monitoring by funding a new, centralized cardiac monitoring system at a cost of just over $1 million. For decades, these systems have been used in…

Dr Hewak with Endoscope

Donors support reduced cancer incidence in our community

33 New donor-funded endoscopes detect colon, lung and stomach cancers Thanks to generous donors, 33 of the most advanced high-definition endoscopes are now in use at Guelph General Hospital. The scopes were purchased at a cost of just over $1 million and include 17 colonoscopes, four bronchoscopes, nine gastroscopes, and three scopes for viewing the…

Blood Gas Analyzers

Every contribution matters to Guelph General Hospital

New donor funded Blood Gas Analyzers arrived at Guelph General Hospital just when they’re needed most. At a cost of just under $30,000, Guelph General Hospital was able to purchase two new blood gas analyzers, thanks to generous donations made by caring supporters. “They may not be big and flashy like an MRI or CT…

Donors give caregivers vital tools to care for patients

New capnography monitors for the Hospital’s Post Anaesthetic Care Unit (PACU) were among many tools funded by donors in the 2019/20 fiscal year. Capnography allows physicians to monitor how well their patient is breathing by measuring the levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) in their breath when they exhale. It is most often used when a…

Your care and generosity gives our Hospital’s caregivers strength to endure.

We know Guelph has a strong reputation for being a caring and generous community, but in the face of adversity, we have been truly humbled to witness the full extent of our community’s desire and commitment to support Guelph General Hospital. Since mid-March, the generosity of 750 individuals and organizations has rolled up to nearly…