Donors Support Welcoming Spaces for Patients and Families

Have you spent time supporting a loved one admitted to Guelph General Hospital in recent years? You may have found it hard to find a quiet and calm space to visit with your loved one. It is a sad fact that, over time, our Patient-Family Lounges had become outdated. Furniture was tired. Artwork was faded. All told, not the most healing spaces to spend time in.

“It had been a long while since our patient-family lounges received any attention,” shared Suzanne Bone, CEO of The Foundation of Guelph General Hospital. “Not because we don’t want beautiful spaces for our patients and their loved ones, who are often essential care partners alongside our staff, but because we prioritize the purchase of patient care equipment. The Rotary Club of Guelph Trillium provided a gift that enabled us to explore another way to support patients through funding a refresh of our dated lounge décor and adding vibrant murals.”

In 2017, the Rotary Club of Guelph Trillium celebrated the 20th anniversary of Ribfest, their annual fundraiser that has raised over $1.2 million for local charitable works since its inception. The Rotarians wanted to do something special to commemorate the occasion and decided in 2018 to fund a refresh of the Patient-Family Lounges. They contributed $20,000 for new furniture and wall murals. The Foundation added another $15,000 from an array of donations from our community members to extend the reach of the Club’s gift.

Bit by bit, lounge by lounge, the Foundation staff oversaw the remake of these important spaces on 4East, 5West, 6West and 7East until the COVID-19 pandemic sidelined this work. Finally, we are pleased to be able to share that this project is compete with an updated Day Surgery Lounge. Above is a before and after of the newly installed mural. What a difference!

Some of the lounges have been repurposed for staff during the pandemic. Whether for staff now, or patients and families in the future, we are so grateful for the support from our donors and the Rotary Club of Guelph Trillium for creating such welcoming spaces.

Images of local scenery for these murals were generously donated by members from the Guelph Photographers Guild.

Photo shows before (left) and after (right) of the mural in the Day Surgery Lounge.