Patient Stories

Mark Johnson saved by CPR with family

Guelph’s Mark Johnson’s Life Saved by CPR

CPR saves lives, but when combined with a defibrillator, the survival rate is much greater. This was demonstrated earlier this year when 54-year-old Mark Johnson collapsed while playing a game of basketball with his friends. Mark’s friends immediately started CPR with breaths and chest compressions. When the paramedics arrived, they gave Mark two electric shocks…

Janine Mayall with her two sons

Janine Mayall is running in the Thanksgiving Day Races with a purpose.

Last Fall, Janine Mayall’s life was flipped up-side-down after a Radiologist at Guelph General Hospital spotted an abnormality on her left kidney. The abnormality was identified as a result of a nuclear medicine bone scan and following this, the Radiologist immediately recommended additional diagnostic images. An ultrasound, a CT scan and an MRI were performed.…

David Brooks

David Brooks

For David Brooks, running isn’t a hobby, it is a part of his identity. In the fall of 2016, David Brooks was advised by his doctor “to find another hobby” following an ultrasound that revealed he had 60% less circulation in his right leg compared to his left leg. But for David, running isn’t simply…