Together, our community cared for Ian Wightman

Ian Wightman counts himself lucky. Just in May, he won an early bird prize of $1000 in the 50/50 draw! But Ian says that, really, his good fortune came three years ago when he suffered a heart attack and was treated at Guelph General Hospital.

It was in October 2019 when Ian began to feel unwell during a dinner out. With an upset stomach and a fever, Ian assumed it was a digestive issue. But, as they drove home, he began to feel worse, and so his wife Kathe decided to take him to GGH to get checked out. 

Just eight minutes after being admitted to the ER, while talking to the doctor, Ian’s heart stopped!  Staff sprang into action with a defibrillator and medications. Ian says that he woke up about five minutes later to a crowd of medical personnel surrounding him and an ambulance on order to whisk him to St. Mary’s Hospital in Kitchener for immediate surgery. On the way, Ian was accompanied by two EMTs, a doctor and a nurse.

Ian wants people to know that he credits GGH and the staff in the ER with saving his life.  He says, “We’re blessed to have this kind of care in our community.”  And so it is that Ian contributes every month to the Hospital by buying the 50/50 hospital lottery tickets.

“It’s a super good cause. Health care is an expensive business.  If everyone donated or bought the 50/50 lottery tickets, it would mean a lot to our hospital— and you just might win!” 

Ian adds that giving to something as essential as the Hospital feels good. Simply put, “It saved my life, and it could save yours.”

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