Donors Like You Make a Difference

Every shift, nurses measure their patients’ vital signs multiple times using a specialized vital signs monitor. Necessary upgrades to equipment such as the vital signs connectivity system are made possible through the generosity of our caring donors like you. What a difference our donors make.

Julianne Fleming in the Donor Spotlight

Julianne’s husband was already quite ill when they moved to Guelph and her life was entirely devoted to caring for him. Julianne was motivated to give back to the Hospital for the great care she and her husband had received. So, it was an easy decision for her to accept the invitation to get involved.

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If you only knew, you might smile too

Patient care is better at Guelph General Hospital because of community support. Watch this video to find out why.

Donors Make The Difference

Donors make such a difference to the care we are able to provide at Guelph General Hospital. Donors help fund every piece of patient care equipment we purchase… the tools our caregivers need to provide comfort and caring, healing and curing to our community.

“Our donors are an important part of our healthcare team.”

– Suzanne Bone, CEO, The Foundation of Guelph General Hospital

Visit our virtual donor wall which recognizes all those who have given so generously to make patient care better at Guelph General Hospital.

I want to know how I can make a donation

There are many different ways you can make a gift to The Foundation of Guelph General Hospital. Learn more.

I want to know why fundraising is needed

Much to most people’s surprise, patient care equipment is not funded through public dollars. Learn more.

I want to know how donations are used

Kind and caring gifts help fund every piece of patient care equipment at Guelph General Hospital.

News and Information

Newborns Receive Improved Phototherapy Thanks to Generous Guelph Families

While not all newborns become jaundiced, it’s reassuring to know if they do at Guelph General Hospital they’ll be treated with the latest technology thanks to our donors. Jaundice is the most common condition that requires medical attention and hospital readmission in newborns. When a newborn has jaundice, the skin and whites of the eyes…

Newborn Care at Guelph General Hospital benefitting from The Guelph District Shrine Club donation

The Guelph District Shrine Club has been supporting the Hospital since 2003. This past year saw them make a $2,000 gift for the purchase of a specialized laryngoscope used in infant care.

Tour de Guelph Five Triumphs Over the Rain

Tour de Guelph set another record-breaking year, raising over $100,000! It rained, and it rained, and it rained, but as one proud rider said, “the rain made it better.” The riders, volunteers, vendors, and everyone involved on the day of the event, embraced the day with tremendous positivity. It was truly a triumphant day! Because…