Donor Spotlight – Cody Moynihan

Cody Moynihan is a Guelph-based mentalist who recently put his skills to use during the pandemic with all proceeds going directly to The Foundation of Guelph General Hospital.

Play the 50/50 Hospital Lottery in support of Guelph General Hospital

The Foundation of Guelph General Hospital is excited to offer a new monthly 50/50 lottery with proceeds supporting Guelph General Hospital!

Managed electronically, this monthly 50/50 draw starts with a guaranteed prize of $9,999. The prize will increase as soon as gross sales hit $19,998.

Our healthcare team at Guelph General does incredible work every day. But even superheroes need help.

Our staff were superheroes long before the pandemic hit, and they’ll continue their amazing work after we’ve beat COVID-19. However, even superheroes can’t do it alone.
Your donation will have twice the impact when you make your donation before the end of July of this year.

Donors Make The Difference

Donors make such a difference to the care we are able to provide at Guelph General Hospital. Donors help fund every piece of patient care equipment we purchase… the tools our caregivers need to provide comfort and caring, healing and curing to our community.

“Our donors are an important part of our healthcare team.”

– Suzanne Bone, CEO, The Foundation of Guelph General Hospital

Visit our virtual donor wall which recognizes all those who have given so generously to make patient care better at Guelph General Hospital.

I want to know why fundraising is needed

Much to most people’s surprise, patient care equipment is not funded through public dollars. Learn more.

I want to know how donations are used

Kind and caring gifts help fund every piece of patient care equipment at Guelph General Hospital.

I want to make a donation today

Making a donation through our secure online donation page is the simplest way to give. Thank you!

News and Information

A generous response to the Foundation’s Spring Campaign raises essential funds

At Guelph General Hospital, community support is essential to supporting the exceptional work of its caregivers At the end of June, the Foundation launched its annual Spring Fundraising campaign with an appeal letter from Marianne Walker, Guelph General’s President and CEO. The letter explained how important donors are to supporting our Hospital’s caregivers – donors…

The 50/50 Hospital Lottery for Guelph General Hospital sold $74,390 in tickets to its first-ever monthly draw

August 14, 2020 – The first ever 50/50 Hospital Lottery for Guelph General Hospital monthly draw took place on July 31st at 11am. The Foundation of Guelph General Hospital awarded the winner with a cheque for $37,195 this week. “It was a bit of a leap of faith to guarantee a minimum prize of $9,999…

Community comes together in spirit and cause in Tour de Guelph 2020 and raises $105,000!

July 30, 2020 – When the Tour de Guelph Committee met in March 2020, they knew that the traditional one-day event would not be possible with an expected 750 riders, all gathering together in one place on the fourth Sunday in June. Like so many fundraising events, Tour de Guelph 2020 was at risk of…