The Foundation of Guelph General Hospital

Together, a healthier community for everyone is a shared vision of Guelph General Hospital and The Foundation of Guelph General Hospital.

With our generous community, we’ll move towards this vision by transforming healthcare through giving.

Our values provide guidance for how we carry out our work:

We uphold trust and transparency in our stewardship of each gift we receive and dollar we spend. We are accountable to the highest standards of ethics, and respect the privacy of our donors.

We value diversity and different perspectives. We strive to create an accessible, safe and welcoming space for all.

We treat everyone with kindness. We empathize with patients, their care partners and the Guelph General Hospital team.

We work as a team and with our donors, volunteers, hospital colleagues and other partners to make our community a stronger, healthier place for all. We match donor passion with impact.

We welcome creativity and forward thinking. We believe that small improvements over time make a difference. We also embrace big ideas to strengthen our relationships with our donors and meet hospital need.

Community support is essential

Donors are an essential part of a Hospital’s healthcare team. They give caregivers the tools they need to diagnose and treat injury and illness.

That’s because patient care equipment is not covered by government funding. Donors fund all equipment used in the direct care of patients at Guelph General Hospital. They ensure our Hospital can keep pace with on-going patient care equipment needs and invest in the latest patient care equipment and technology to continuously improve the quality and safety of care.

Commitment to Safety and Respectfulness

Consistent with our values, we are committed to providing a safe and respectful space for our team, donors, and volunteers. We communicate in person, in writing or virtually in ways that reflect our values at all times, and expect others to do the same. Accordingly, any threats or acts of violence, harassment, aggression or disrespectful comments or language will not be tolerated.