Anagha & Ashish: Our Experience at Guelph General

Caregivers at Guelph General Hospital continually show what it means to deliver the highest quality care to patients and their families.

When we received this letter from Anagha and Ashish, we knew we had to share it. It means so much to our Hospital’s caregivers to receive letters and emails like these.

It is thanks to YOUR generous support our caregivers can do their best work by providing them the tools they need.

Giving birth at GGH was a wonderful experience. The team of nurses like nurse Amanda, nurse Kayla, nurse Janet and a few others was like working with a dream team. Calling them angels would be an understatement. 

We came to Dr. Kelly Strode (another angel material professional) through family midwifery care where the midwives are incredibly supportive, caring and amazing at what they do. I cannot thank Faye, Wendy and Brooke enough for being a constant rock. 

After the loss of our daughter at 35 weeks in 2020 at Trillium Mississauga, conceiving and going through the process was warlike. Anxiety and grief both are complex emotions which have the potential to manipulate blood pressure. With this history, I was a waking time bomb. Finding the baby’s heartbeat was a mission. All the nurses on call in the Triage were so supportive and caring with great bedside manners of handling stillbirth parents with empathy. 

These professionals at GGH birthing suite are well versed in not only their own fields but also extremely knowledgeable in understanding every patient’s socio-economics background and making arrangements to make them as comfortable as possible. Which was so comforting to know as an immigrant. No matter the ethnicity, language, financial background and of course any special health conditions these health care warriors are god sent.

Doctors like Dr. Nancy Dzaja, Dr.Knowles, Dr. Scott and Dr. Horspool are all super stars. Dr. Marie Ellen Hutchinson delivered my baby boy with at-most care and her motivational voice still is fresh in my mind and will be forever. She said, “Now one big push for the big shoulders.” 

I have told everyone and will continue to say, “Planning to give birth come to Guelph, it’s the best place to have babies!”

Thank you once again for becoming a part of our story.

Ever so grateful,
The Maitra family

Proud parents of Vyyom Maitra who was safely born at GGH on June 05, 2023.