Life-Saving Equipment Funded By Donors

Every piece of equipment used in the direct care of patients at Guelph General Hospital comes from a caring donor, even small but essential tools.

Thanks to donors like you, Guelph General Hospital purchased a new doppler ultrasound probe last year.

This hand-held device is used on patients who come into Guelph General for vascular surgery or vascular issues. It involves a noninvasive test of a patient’s blood flow by using ultrasound technology.

With this tool, healthcare providers can help prevent many conditions including blood clots.

Kristen Webb, Clinical Educator at Guelph General Hospital explains, “This piece of equipment helps us to know if there are any blood flow concerns, so we provide safe patient care in a timely manner. It helps us save lives.”

Yes, That Too is Funded By You is a video series that highlights small, but meaningful patient tools our kind donors help fund. In this short video, you can learn more from Clinical Educator, Kristen and see how the doppler ultrasound probe works:

Clinical Educator, Kristen, explains the importance of doppler ultrasound probes.