Your donations towards the new MRI are transforming healthcare at GGH

Did you know that you have a superpower? Your generosity. It brings positive change to our community’s health.

We’re celebrating the kindness of our community, enabling GGH to purchase a powerful new MRI scanner.

The new scanner arrived on Monday, September 18! It was craned though a temporary opening in the back wall of the Hospital and inserted directly into the newly renovated MRI suite.

It replaces the Hospital’s previous 16-year old MRI scanner that was also funded by donors as part of the 2006-2007 MRI & More fundraising campaign.

As a direct result of your dollars, the new MRI will empower our hospital’s team of Radiologists and MRI Technologists to:

Gif of crane lifting new MRI into its suite at Guelph General Hospital
Crane lifts new MRI scanner on September 18, 2023 at Guelph General Hospital
  • Continue to test patients almost 24/7. Our MRI department sees 30 to 45 patients every day, operating around the clock Monday to Friday, and 17 hours a day on weekends. The MRI team has helped patients from three to 101 years old!
  • Create a higher-quality image. The new scanner captures greater detail and resolution. Doctors will be able to see smaller details with greater clarity and thus diagnose, monitor, and treat conditions earlier and more accurately.
  • Produce an image up to 2 times faster than before. Scan times will be reduced so technologists will be able to complete more scans per hour and accommodate more patients during a year.
  • Provide a more comfortable patient experience. The MRI scanner is more open and spacious. If small spaces make you nervous, this new design will lessen that feeling. So will the fact that the new technology is quieter!
  • Perform MRI-guided breast biopsies. A procedure that the previous MRI was not capable of.
  • Reduce the risk of breakdown/repair. This assures reliable patient treatment.
  • Maintain and enhance GGH’s reputation for having one of Ontario’s most efficiently run MRI scanners.

The new MRI scanner will help people you will never likely meet. They are patients who need an answer to their spine or neck pain; patients who are suffering with torn muscles or ligaments; patients who are being treated and monitored in their battle against cancer; and critically ill patients within the Hospital. More people will soon be on the road to wellness quicker.

These are all tangible investment benefits. Thanks to you and your funding superpower!

Also, read about how 50/50 Hospital Lottery proceeds funded the MRI ceiling lift!

The MRI Investment Fund

In Spring 2021, we started fundraising for this this modern MRI equipment and our generous community fulfilled the $2.25 million funding requirement by end of March 2022. This effort was one of the three goals in our Together, We Care fundraising campaign – to invest in new patient care equipment and technology.

You will have contributed to the MRI fund through these types of activities during the final year of the Together, We Care fundraising campaign: buying a 50/50 Hospital Lottery, participating in Tour de Guelph, attending Black Tie Bingo, shopping at a local participating business during A Week of Caring Together, mailing a donation or donating online in response to our Spring and/or Seasonal fundraising campaigns, or making a general donation to the Together, We Care campaign.

It’s no exaggeration to say that every single contribution you made – big or small – had an impact.

MRI Funding Sources

Final Steps:

October 23, 2023: Start two weeks of training on use of new MRI scanner

October 30, 2023: Start to transition MRI service from the temporary MRI scanner to the new MRI scanner

November 4, 2023: Resume full MRI service

We are deeply grateful and hope that you feel pride in what you have accomplished for GGH patients.

– The FGGH team