25th Black Tie Bingo funds advancements to Guelph General’s Vascular Surgery Suite

Black Tie Bingo 2021 funded equipment in the vascular surgery suite that produces high resolution and detailed images with much lower doses of radiation than the previous equipment. In the photo above, Dr. Afshin Jahromi, assisted by an OR nurse, repairs a patient’s aneurysm using the new equipment for one of the first times.

Guelph General Hospital is the regional centre for vascular surgery (surgery of veins and arteries). Guests who participated in last year’s Black Tie Bingo gave vascular surgeons access to the most sophisticated, high-resolution screens, enabling them to see tiny details of complex vascular anatomy more easily.

They also funded an equipment upgrade that enables real-time radiation monitoring. The radiation dose feedback tool displays the invisible nature of radiation in real-time, making it easy for the surgical team to monitor and track their exposure. For physicians and nurses who do multiple surgeries a day, week after week, year after year, this tool can be lifesaving.

We’re incredibly thankful for everyone who participated in last year’s Black Tie Bingo – this is how we save lives and improve health, together with our community!

Did you know that Guelph General Hospital is the Regional Centre for vascular surgery? Watch this video to learn more.