Essential equipment: Life-saving equipment in the Emergency Department

Together, a healthier community for everyone. This vision shared with Guelph General Hospital (GGH) starts with the care patients receive within the walls of the hospital itself. For the GGH team to provide the best possible care, they rely on essential equipment. You, as a donor, help to provide that equipment and make it possible for the hospital to realize a healthier community for you, your neighbours, and your loved ones.

Thanks to your generous support, an impressive $202,213 from 770 donors was donated last season. You responded to Pam, whose husband received critical care in the hospital’s Emergency Department (ED), and you heard from Cory, GGH’s Lead CT Technologist, who works closely with the emergency medical team to assist rapid diagnosis. You also responded to an urgent email inspiring a remarkable surge of over $10,000 just before the calendar turned over on December 31st. Because of this support, GGH has been able to purchase essential equipment, demonstrating the power of collective community support.

The dollars given purchase patient care equipment throughout the hospital, with the bulk of the funds
going toward resources in the ED. Andrea, Director of the ED and Sexual Assault/ Domestic Violence Program, emphasizes the role the equipment plays in the department, “Your support equips us with the tools we need, precisely when we need them, to deliver the best possible care to patients in critical moments.” Andrea continues, “Your support is invaluable to Guelph General and truly makes a difference. Thank you.”

Among the essential equipment you funded are:

New essential Stretcher in Level III Trauma Bay,
Emergency Department, Guelph General Hospital.
New Essential Stretcher in Level III Trauma Bay,
Emergency Department, Guelph General Hospital.

Two replacement ECG Machines: These machines are vital for prompt recognition of cardiac conditions. Due to the high demand for ECGs in the ED, with some patients requiring multiple tests per visit, the reliability and availability of these machines is paramount. By replacing old and worn equipment, medical staff are able to make timely interventions and improve patient outcomes.

Three Stretchers (X-ray ready): These stretchers can transport patients who cannot be safely moved onto an X-ray table. They allow for efficient diagnostic imaging right in the ED, which is a crucial procedure for patients requiring immediate assessment and treatment, particularly in the Level III Trauma Bay. By investing in these advanced stretchers, the ED is able to prioritize patient safety and expedite the delivery of care, ultimately saving lives.

One Step Monitor: This special device provides continuous cardiac monitoring for patients arriving by ambulance who are then transferred into a designated offload room. By ensuring real-time monitoring of essential parameters such as heart rate and oxygen saturation, these monitors play a critical role in detecting and addressing any changes in patients’ conditions precisely when they happen.

Five Vital Signs Monitors: These monitors assess patients’ medical stability, providing important information for clinical decision making. With the ability to monitor vital signs at regular intervals, this equipment supports the ongoing assessment and management of patients across all areas of care within the ED, ensuring that no critical changes go unnoticed.

Andrea shares the transformative impact on patient care: “Access to new and improved equipment not only enhances efficiency and ease of access for our nursing staff but also ensures that patients receive the timely care we strive to deliver.”

Your generosity will have a lasting impact on patients and their families, ensuring the highest quality of care during a time of need. Thank you.

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