Donor support allows significant strides in technology to support women’s health

Generous donors are transforming healthcare at Guelph General Hospital. In the operating room, new technology has helped make significant improvements to patient care.

Thanks to donors, Guelph General Hospital was able to purchase an Aquilex fluid management system and several new hysteroscopes- specialized equipment that allows gynecologists to look for and remove problems like fibroids, polyps, or abnormal tissue from inside the uterus without major surgery.  This increase in new equipment, as well as improving access to care for the women in our community, has allowed the gynecologists at GGH to start using the MyoSure® tissue removal system – a new and major advancement in gynecological technology for our hospital.

MyoSure® is a major advancement in gynecological surgery that allows the removal of pathology like retained tissue after pregnancy loss, polyps, and large fibroids in a way that is faster, less painful, and safer for the patient. Even more exciting, acquiring this new technology is a significant step towards the Obstetrics and Gynecology’s department long-term goal of opening an outpatient procedure clinic where women would have timely access to these procedures.

Ob/Gyne at GGH, Dr. Meredith Giffin says, “We deeply appreciate your support. This new system gives the women in our community access to cutting-edge technology and improved care. Thank you.”