Wayne & Maria Bricknell

You can make a difference in your community.

We met with Wayne and Maria Bricknell to discuss their motivations for supporting the Hospital. They support the Hospital through our Circle of Life collective philanthropy program and through sponsorship of Tour de Guelph by way of the Pitman Pit-Stop.

Philanthropy runs deep in their family. Wayne’s Aunt and Uncle, who founded Wayne Pitman Ford Lincoln Inc., were very involved with the community and supported a number of charities. Even further back, Wayne’s Grandfather was involved in a local Rotary club. Wayne Bricknell, now owner, continues the dealership’s community support.

Wayne and Maria, personally, now want to lead by example for their two children who are following suit.

“Our community has given so much to us, and so it is important for us to give something back”commented Maria when asked what motivated them to support the Hospital.

Wayne added to that by saying “the Hospital is especially important to us because, while there are many worthy causes to support, the Hospital is the one service that everyone in our community will need to depend on at some point in their lives.”

Maria stressed the importance of having a Hospital equipped to care for our community. Because of a chronic health condition that may have caused complications, she was not able to deliver her children at Guelph General Hospital. For Maria, this “reinforces why we need to support our Hospital, so that it has the equipment and services to care for people within their own community.”

Wayne and Maria feel fortunate to be in a position to provide the level of support that they do. Wayne is quite humble in saying “we’re just people in the community doing our part and hope we can inspire others to do the same.”

And it’s this simple message they hope to spread: that it doesn’t matter how much you give or what you give, whether it be time or financial support, what matters is that you do your part and give what you can.

That’s what makes our community so great. It’s a generous and caring community with so many people “doing their part.” When you add up all the parts, the result is big and meaningful.

Photo Caption: In the photo shown above, Wayne and Maria pose at the front reception of Wayne Pitman Ford Lincoln Inc., and express how they hope to inspire others to make a difference in other people’s lives.