Dr. Jennifer Caspers: Steadfast supporter of GGH

Why does Dr. Jennifer Caspers donate to The Foundation of Guelph General Hospital? She explains that she has a deep connection to Guelph and its hospital, a bond ingrained in her upbringing. Raised in the city by a physician father and a mother who served as both a midwife and nurse, Jennifer departed for her education only to return in 1984, dedicating herself to providing medical care to the residents of Guelph.

Dr. Caspers
Dr. Jennifer Caspers

At the close of November, she will step down from her demanding position as Chief of Staff, a role she has held for a commendable fourteen years. As the Chief of Staff, she has managed administrative responsibilities, including mentoring, advocating, facilitating, and organizing for the 350 doctors, midwives, and dentists practicing at Guelph General Hospital (GGH). In the New Year, Dr. Caspers will embark on a new chapter as the Chief of Staff and Vice-President Medical Strategy at St. Joe’s, Guelph, while continuing her clinical work caring for newborns at our Family Birthing Unit.

Reflecting on her forty years at GGH, Jennifer points to the significant changes that have taken place. In the early days, the hospital had only one Emergency Room physician, and there were no hospitalists. Guelph had fewer than 100 doctors for a population half the size of today’s 140,000 citizens. Recalling those times, she shares, “We had to send patients as far as Detroit for MRI scans, and we all shared ER duties and city calls.” Today, Jennifer proudly highlights Guelph General’s advancements — the nuclear medicine unit, specialized services in vascular and bariatric medicine, and a roster of highly talented physicians — positioning it as, what Dr. Caspers describes, “one of Ontario’s premier community hospitals.” Her involvement in the 2001 expansion and excitement for the new Special Care Nursery underscore her commitment to its growth and excellence.

Jennifer is outspoken about her steadfast support for The Foundation of GGH as a donor. “The Foundation is the bedrock of the hospital. When I came here, it was a real revelation to learn that every piece of equipment comes from community donations — MRI scanner, beds, surgical tools, diagnostic tools, all of it! It would be unacceptable to close beds down because there isn’t enough equipment to support them.” With passion, she encourages others to contribute whatever they can to the Foundation, and emphasizes the enriching experience of volunteering at GGH. “You provide support and have an opportunity to see the world through a fresh perspective.”

While Jennifer is transitioning from the role of Chief of Staff, she is not departing from the medical community. “Although I’m moving on to new challenges, I will always think of GGH as my home, and I am proud to support it through the Foundation.”

Undoubtedly, Guelph General is honoured to be regarded as Jennifer’s home.