Bangladesh and Bangla Speaking – Grandchildren’s Day Event

Shiba, a longstanding member of the Bangladesh and Bangla Speaking Community, has been a dedicated supporter of GGH for many years. His passion for community started in Bangladesh at the early age of six, where he began prioritizing his community by participating in and organizing events to raise awareness and garner support for various causes. Now, on the cusp of turning 70, Shiba, is retired from his professional life, but remains focused on giving back to his community.

Shiba's Grandchildren

On September 16, 2023, Shiba, alongside the entire Bangladesh and Bangla Speaking Community, hosted a special event to celebrate “Grandchildren’s Day.” During this event, Shiba introduced his six beloved grandchildren. Rather than receiving gifts, the initial invitation encouraged everyone to, simply, join and offer their blessings to this new generation of his family. Collaborating with a prominent Guelph Social Worker, Rejaul Kabir, and others, they made the heartwarming decision to collect donations in support of GGH, in place of traditional gifts.


Shiba and the Bangladesh and Bangla Speaking Community are making an impact on healthcare through their generosity. At this event, they demonstrated a drive to transform healthcare through giving and showed the importance of supporting their community to the next generation.

In a remarkable show of support for GGH, this event managed to raise an impressive $1800! All the funds raised will be dedicated to acquiring the most urgently needed patient care equipment at GGH.

Thank you Shiba and the entire Bangladesh and Bangla Speaking Community!