Congratulations to our 2023 Summer Solstice 50/50 Hospital Lottery Winner!

This past June 21st was the summer solstice, one of the two longest days which occur each year. It’s considered to be a time of bounty and celebration. That certainly proved the case for Tracey Schaefer, who won $34,978 from the 50/50 Hospital Lottery on that day!

Tracey has played regularly since GGH initiated the lottery in July 2020. This summer, the stars aligned – correction, the North Pole tilted closest to the sun– and she drew the Grand Prize. The win was especially sweet because it came the day after her birthday.

Tracey is not the only winner: several Early Bird lottery drawings were made before the Summer Solstice event, with winners receiving from $300 to $1,500 per draw. GGH also wins every time someone purchases a ticket because lottery proceeds help fund essential patient care equipment for GGH which ultimately improves healthcare for patients and their families in the Guelph community.

In fact, that’s why Tracey first played the 50/50 Hospital Lottery. While having an MRI scan done at Guelph General Hospital, she remarked on the loudness of the machine. The technologist conducting the scan said newer models were quieter and that funds were being raised to purchase one. This prompted Tracey to buy her first lottery ticket.

The new MRI will be installed and running Fall of 2023 and we think that Tracey can call herself one of its investors!

We can’t share a photo of the lucky Summer Solstice winner with you here as Tracey prefers to ‘stay in the shade,’ but we are grateful she has been a loyal player and thrilled that she has won.
2023 promises several more Early Bird drawings, leading up to the Winter Solstice in December, thus many chances for you to experience that winning thrill, too!

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