After a Four Decade Long Tenure Dr. David Hood Retires

In 1957, David Hood was born in Guelph General Hospital. His name still graces the Birthday Wall outside the Family Birthing Unit! He graduated from John F. Ross CVI in 1975, and wrapped up his medical training to return home to Guelph in 1983.

From then until today, it has been more than four decades that Dr. Hood has offered his compassionate and knowledgeable medical care to patients from his office at 73 Delhi Street, next door to GGH. When he announced his decision to add another milestone by retiring at the end of August, he admitted it was bittersweet. He loves his work, values his patients, and acknowledges the importance of his staff, first Cathy, then Grace, and his wife Rosemary for their roles in his success.

Dr. Hood says that he’s seen a lot of changes in forty years. Today, the General serves on average 552 patients daily and offers Guelph and Wellington County 24-hour emergency coverage, advanced technology and diagnostic support, and specialty programs, such as being the regional provider for vascular surgery and a designated Provincial Centre of Excellence for Bariatric Surgery.

Dr. Hood has left his footprint in all departments across the Hospital and shared his medical perspective on the Board of The Foundation of Guelph General Hospital for six years. He and Rosemary are donors and members of the Hospital’s Circle of Life, contributing generously every year since 1994. According to Foundation records, quite a number of patients have donated with messages of gratitude for the doctor’s role as healer, friend, and confidant.

“Thank you Dr. Hood, Grace and Rosemary for your 30+ years of wonderful care and advice for our family.”

“Dr. Hood was not even my doctor, but would stop in my room each time he walked by. He would come in and chat and cheer me up every time. Thank you Dr. Hood!”

“Dr. Hood is an exceptional family doctor who always goes above and beyond. He works tirelessly every day and is dedicated and caring. Your care meant so much to me. Thank you!”

Dr. Hood’s belief is simple: we all have an obligation to contribute if we can. “We live here; our families live here. And if we are blessed with the means to help, it’s part of our responsibility to give back. That could be through volunteering, donating, or harnessing our unique skills to serve.”

He says he feels that healthcare professionals like himself have a special obligation to the Hospital. “Keeping the hospital current, arming it with the best technology — that’s important to my patients and to me. If I can help ensure that, I am making my patients’ lives easier.” 

From the community you serve, thank you Dr. Hood for your remarkably kind and dedicated service.

If you would like to honour Dr. Hood with a charitable gift click here to make an online donation or mail in to 115 Delhi Street, Guelph ON, N1E 4J4. Thank you.

Photo collage of Dr. Hood and his family over the years