Donor Spotlight: Cory Young Insurance Group Inc. and Co-operators

In the realm of healthcare, recognizing and spearheading moments of change is crucial to shaping a better future. Thanks to Cory Young Insurance Group Inc. and Co-operators, Guelph General Hospital is now able to make key changes in their commitment to sustainability.

Cory Young’s story is one rooted in Guelph, a community he holds close to his heart. Cory joined Co-operators in 2011 and has been actively engaging and giving back to our community since.

All three of Cory’s children were born at Guelph General Hospital and he has witnessed the wonderful care his loved ones have received at the Hospital. These experiences have shown him the hard work and challenges staff, patients and their families face. Cory was inspired to make a positive impact and support the Hospital in any way that he could.

Cory’s donor journey began when he learned about the critical role community donations play in enhancing patient care. Members of our community fund every piece of equipment used in the direct care of patients at Guelph General Hospital. Equipment as essential as IV pumps and surgical devices, and items that provide comfort and cheer to patients and their families such as sleeper chairs and colourful artwork.

“You never know when you may need the Hospital, so the fact that community donations can make patient care better…it’s a powerful message” Cory said.

In a conversation with Julie Byczynski, the CEO of The Foundation, Cory discovered an exciting opportunity to address a pressing need at the Hospital.

“It was a no brainer,” he said.  

In joint partnership with Co-operators and Cory Young Insurance Group Inc. Guelph General Hospital can now recycle Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The aim is to foster a greener hospital and reduce waste. Together, they have provided funding for an 18-month pilot program, Recycling PPE: New Green, Waste Diversion Initiative.

Strategically placed collection bins around the Hospital now allow patients, visitors, physicians and staff to discard disposable masks, hairnets, disposable shoe covers and disposable gowns. Once the bin is full, Hospital partner LifeCycle collects and delivers the items to a recycling plant. This new process now allows for tens of thousands pieces of waste to be diverted from landfills every year and instead repurposed into raw materials for products such as park benches.

For Cory Young Insurance Group Inc. and Co-operators this initiative demonstrates a solution-driven approach to giving back to our community. Together, with Guelph General Hospital they are working towards making a tangible difference in our community by fostering sustainability and promoting environmentally-friendly practices in healthcare.

The Recycling PPE: New Green, Waste Diversion Initiative is already underway, with the progress being tracked to ensure optimal outcomes.

We are thankful for Cory’s generous support.