Donor Spotlight: Milan Lesic

Milan and Smilja Lésič arrived in Guelph in 1975 so that Milan could take a job with Pirelli Cable. Over the years since the couple settled in the city, Milan has worked hard to develop real estate projects. Now, his company, Wyndham Street Investments, has become one of the area’s land development and property management leaders.

Milan and Smilja have been strong supporters of the Hospital for a long time. In October of 2022, they generously donated $50,000 to help improve patient care at Guelph General. Their two sons, and recently a granddaughter, were all born at Guelph General. While Milan enjoys excellent health, he understands others may be less lucky. 

Milan says about their donations, “We all need the Hospital at some time. It doesn’t matter who you are; the staff support anyone who needs it. This city helped make my career a success and I want to give back.  I like the Hospital. Why not give if you can?”