Congratulations to our February 50/50 Hospital Lottery Winner!

It was another busy day of virtual meetings from her home office and Sandra Tyson ignored her ringing cell phone. Forgetting about hearing the ring, she focused on her work as a construction project manager for commercial and higher education facilities. Then an email popped through from Montana Woolford-Browne of The Foundation of Guelph General Hospital referencing the earlier voicemail and asking her to call in. A quick flick of Sandra’s eyes to the calendar date on her screen showed that it was grand prize draw day. Could it be? Was she the winner?

Sandra faithfully stores her ticket numbers each month in a special email folder. She quickly compared her ticket to the number Montana shared. Yes, she was a winner of $22,202! A well-deserved win too as Sandra has been playing every single month since the Hospital 50/50 Lottery started in July of 2020. “It helps the community and benefits the hospital. I buy at the start of every month and have bought for this month already,” shares Sandra. “It feels great to play, even when I wasn’t a winner.”

Sandra texted her husband Doug immediately upon learning the great news and the couple agreed the money will be fun to spend on their upcoming Alaskan cruise. It was already planned as a birthday celebration for Doug and now there is more “fun money”. Proceeds will also be used to pay off the addition to their home, a project that kept them busy during the pandemic.

Perhaps most importantly, the funds will be shared with others. Their two kids, one at home and one living in Toronto, will receive a treat. Sandra says, “I’m not sure what yet, but it will be experiential, not materialistic. Eight-year-old Quinn, their Australian Shepherd dog, will receive knee surgery with lots of treats to follow. Sandra is also pleased to be able to support Up and Running Guelph with more than just her time.

Thanks Sandra for continuing to support Guelph General Hospital through the 50/50 Hospital Lottery.

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