Congratulations to our January 50/50 Hospital Lottery Winner!

Relaxing on a Monday evening, Mary Frontini checked her email and saw a reminder about the Hospital 50/50 draw happening in two days, on January 31st. The message reminded her that she hadn’t remembered to buy tickets at the start of the month like she usually did. Christmas and New Year’s had been busy and it slipped her mind. Mary paused thinking she shouldn’t bother since she had already missed the early bird draws. “I waffled and then just decided to do it anyway. I could have gone either way but did end up clicking through,” recounts Mary. “I’m so happy that I did!”

Who wouldn’t be happy to be the grand prize winner, taking home $20,008?

Lauren Fargo was The Foundation of Guelph General Hospital staff person who had called with the good news and, upon meeting her in person, Mary quickly exclaimed, “You must have the most fun job!” Indeed calling the winner is one of Lauren’s favourite parts about her role as Fundraising Events and Lottery Coordinator. Mary passed Lauren an envelope with a donation to immediately give back to the cause.

Mary told her husband Edward the good news straight away and about how she almost didn’t buy the $40 bundle of tickets. Edward admitted that had she asked, he likely would have said to wait for February and have the chance at any early bird draws plus the grand prize. Mary has never been happier about not asking for her husband’s advice!

Mary is retired after a career working in Finance and believes her past work experience makes her rather cautious about money. “I want to put it away for a year and really consider what to spend it on. I’m not a spur of the moment person,” she explained. Still, there are plans for some immediate fun taking her two grandsons, age 6 and 10, to Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Falls.

After taking care of necessary matters, Mary is hopeful that there will be funds to perhaps return to Aruba for a holiday. Mary and Edward have been married for 40 years and this has been their favourite destination.

When asked why she is such a loyal and regular 50/50 player, Mary replied, “This is the hospital we use. I am coming soon for another MRI. We get our care here and we need to support it. My sister who died in her mid-30’s was actually a nurse at Guelph General. I am going to continue to play too, just bought for February.”

Thank you, Mary, for being both a player and a regular donor and congratulations again.

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