Donor Spotlight: RE/MAX Realtor, Joy Chhina

Joy Chhina has many connections to Guelph General Hospital.  He was born in the Hospital; he was treated for a broken leg when he was small; he helped his three kids enter the world; he has been treated in the ER for more soccer injuries than he cares to remember. Not to mention that his wife Jasdeep was, for a time, a nurse on 4 East and 7 East.

So, Joy supports the Hospital. But it wasn’t until recently that he was able to help in a big way. Joy is a local realtor with a successful team at RE/MAX, fittingly named the DISCOVER JOY TEAM, and business is doing well.

This past October, Joy held his team’s first in-person client appreciation event since 2016. It was a grand barbeque picnic in Riverside Park attended by over one hundred happy current and past clients.

To mark the event, Joy decided to make a major contribution to the Hospital. He wanted to give the donation in the presence of the people who made it possible – his clients. He invited Julie Byczynski the CEO of The Foundation of Guelph General Hospital to the event and ordered an oversized cheque for the presentation of $5,000!

Joy shared, “Honestly this gift was a dream made possible by all the amazing clients we have been honored to serve! It is because of our clients we are able to give and support our community. I never envisioned being in a position to give back at this level and make an impact. Thanks to all our clients, I am humbled and so grateful.”

Joy Chhina has always supported local charities. From Christmas gift wrapping at the mall to growing a moustache for Movember to working with the Guelph Food Bank, he has been diligent in giving back to his roots. But this gift to GGH was special. Through it, Joy wanted people to understand the importance of the Hospital.

He explains, “Guelph General is a pillar of our community, with services we all will need. Whether it is a joyous occasion such as a birth or one that requires diagnosis, life-saving surgery or palliative care, it’s a resource that we will all use at some time or another. It needs our support.”

Thank you, Joy Chhina and the DISCOVER JOY TEAM, for your generosity and for sharing your message!