Donor Spotlight: Waverley Lodge/ Masonic Foundation

Greg Insley has been a Guelph resident since 1994 and attended the hospital over the years for the birth of his two children and for the occasional ER visits for stitches and broken bones.  But things changed when, two years ago, he spent four days at GGH following routine surgery. While he was doing laps around the ward to regain his strength, he stopped to read notices pinned to a board and discovered that the nurses on the ward were canvassing for toothpaste, razors, soap, hair dryers, and the like. He had no idea that such personal care items, required for any lengthy stay, were not covered in the hospital budget.  

Greg took a photo of the list and sent it to his colleagues in the local Waverley Masonic Lodge.  By the next day, his fraternity friends had gathered and delivered everything on the list! 

Buoyed by the success of that experience, Greg decided to see what else the Lodge could do to help the hospital. He spoke with staff and they shared the need for specific aids called Arjo Sara Stedy Lifts. These lifts are equipment that enables a single caregiver to assist patients in performing sit-to-stand transfers without injury.

During the COVID lockdown, the Lodge raised over $5000 for two lifts with the help of one of the Foundation’s peer-to-peer fundraising pages and support from the Ontario Masonic Foundation.

Staff are grateful for the donations and Greg is proud of his fraternity’s campaign. He recommends similar community-led fundraising for anyone who is interested in “doing their own thing” for the hospital.

GGH Foundation’s website has examples of the types of events and campaigns that have been successful in the past. It also offers tools to create an online fundraising page for anyone who wants to take on the challenge.  From lemonade stands and garage sales to neighbourhood BBQs, fun runs, and memorial golf tournaments, the Foundation is eager to hear ideas. It all starts with an easy online application that’s available on the Foundation site.

Greg says he is now much more aware of Hospital and the fact that most patient care essentials have to be locally funded.  He says, “I think it’s a really important part of Guelph that many people overlook until they personally need it.  And, as for those little personal care items, we forget that many people don’t have the family and friends to help out. It would be easy for a school class or a church group to put together a supply of the small things that make life easier for patients and staff.”  Great idea, thanks Greg! And thanks to the caring members of Waverley Masonic Lodge!