Congratulations to our October 50/50 Hospital Lottery Winner!

When we called Nadia on Friday, October 28th, we stopped her in her tracks, quite literally. She had to pause her running exercise on the treadmill to be able to take our phone call. We shared with Nadia that she had just won October’s grand prize of $21,520! Nadia responded in disbelief, “Oh my gosh, I play every month and I’ve thought ‘One day it will be mine’.” Well Nadia, we think you have great intuition!

When Lauren Fargo, Fundraising Events & Lottery Coordinator, had the opportunity to meet with Nadia she asked if there were any plans for the $21,520. Nadia thought she might put some away for her young children’s education, save some for a rainy day and perhaps purchase a new treadmill, since her current one has many miles on it. Nadia also shared that her girlfriends had an alternative plan of how she should spend the money – a girl’s weekend. All very wonderful choices.
As we do with all of our lottery players, we wanted to find out what drove Nadia to play the 50/50 Hospital Lottery. We love hearing these stories, some put us in tears, some make us laugh, but all of them leave us feeling grateful.

Nadia shared how she believes it is important to give back to our local hospital, because all members of our community may need our hospital’s services at some point. Nadia knows what this means firsthand, as her very close relative was diagnosed with cancer and received the necessary treatments through Guelph General. We are relived and happy to share that her relative is a success story.

Nadia knows that her monthly contributions, combined with the other players, can be life-saving, funding the highest priority patient care equipment. Playing the 50/50 Hospital Lottery in support of Guelph General Hospital is a fun way to give back, getting the chance to win big while lending a helping hand.

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