Donor Spotlight: Harpreet Garcha and TRANS99

From his office on Speedvale Avenue in Guelph, Harpreet Garcha heads up the Guelph-based trucking firm TRANS99 Logistics. Harpreet came to Guelph in 2008 and set up his company in 2011 with his brother and a friend. Today, TRANS99 is a significant employer and a substantial constituent of the City’s business sector. The business is a family-run company offering a range of truckload transportation, fulfillment, and warehousing services from Ontario to the United States. With over 200 trucks in motion 24/7, it’s a complicated business that requires Harpreet’s full attention, but it doesn’t keep him from contributing to his community.

Since 2016, Harpreet and TRANS99 have been strong supporters of Guelph General Hospital—first, through the Black Tie Bingo events, next as a Circle of Life member and then with a gift in the Name a Room campaign. And they continue to give.

When asked why he donates to GGH, Harpreet is very clear. In his philosophy, he embraces the concept of “oneness.” He sees all people as connected and believes that unconditional love and respect toward everyone is elemental. One person’s suffering affects us all. So, he and his family give as much as they can to make the community stronger in recognition of our shared humanity. The hospital is just one of the many charities that the Garchas support.

Harpreet says, “We live here. Everyone uses the hospital. And it gives us a lot of happiness to support it. Everyone should give, even if it is only one dollar. Get in the habit of giving — much satisfaction can be found in contributing to your community. And generosity is infectious.”

A modest man, Harpreet downplays his donations and contributions. He says, “We are trying our best.” We are very thankful for that.