Congratulations to August’s 50/50 Hospital Lottery Winner!

Like all teachers in the final week of summer, Morgan Bowmaster was preparing to teach her Life Skills class of grade two to eight students at Willow Road Public School. Her focus was shaken when she got a call from Lauren Fargo with The Foundation of Guelph General Hospital telling her she was the August winner of $26,092. You may have watched this clip on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Morgan recounted, “I have been playing for a year and read so many winner’s stories, yet I was still surprised my ticket was pulled! I started to play because it seemed like great odds and a great cause. I have even bought again for this month.” We love your optimism, Morgan!

The first thing she did was call her partner of three years, Mike McDermott, to see where he was working for Cornerstone Trades. Luckily the job site was in town and she went over to tell him in person, while still not really believing it herself. Mike shared, “When she said she had some news and wanted to tell me in person, I didn’t know what to think. I was relieved it was good news like this. I haven’t been buying tickets, but now I know three winners— I’m thinking that I should start. Can lightning strike twice?” Well, Mike, we sure hope so and thanks for starting to play.

Morgan, Mike and his children, Matthew and Marilyn, have been in the throes of a year-long renovation adding an addition to their home, including a small backyard pool. “This money will help finish the back deck, stairs down and the tile and landscaping around the pool. We have so many unfinished projects,” enthused Morgan.

Matthew, in grade six, is also excited that some of the winnings will be spent on a trip to Cuba during the winter. Marilyn holds the opinion that it is a very good thing that Morgan won as she spent all of her own money on candy at Stone Road Mall. Well, Marilyn, we suspect there are sweet days ahead for you and the whole family. Thanks, Morgan, for continuing to play the Hospital 50/50 Lottery and congratulations!

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