Congratulations to July’s 50/50 Hospital Lottery Winner of $26,172!

Hi, my name is Helen Wilk and I won July’s 50/50 grand prize!

It was getting pretty hot outside so I decided to leave my favourite hobby of gardening for the day and went inside.  When I sat down to cool off in my kitchen, I checked my phone and saw The Foundation of Guelph General Hospital called; however, I also saw my brother, who resides in British Columbia also called.  I decided to call him first.

During our conversation, I told my brother, “I think that I may have won $1,000.”  My mind started racing, thinking I had won the $1000 from one of the monthly early bird draws, completely forgetting it was the last Friday of the month. 

After my chat with my brother, I returned the call to The Foundation of Guelph General Hospital. I spoke with Montana, who very nicely asked me if I was having a good day and then proceeded to tell me, that she had some great news to share with me.  

My heart started to race.  She told me I had just won the 50/50 July grand prize draw for $26,172!  In disbelief, I asked her to repeat what she had just said. I have never won anything in my life.

As Montana repeated this news, I jumped off my chair and my eyes began to water, as if they were Niagara Falls and with all of the excitement, I began to feel numb.

 I am so very humbled and grateful for this totally unexpected gift. The Good Lord does work in strange ways and this had come at a perfect time for me.

I called my brother back in tears.  He asked me why I was crying. Between the sobs I told him I didn’t win the $1000 early bird draw. He asked, “So why are you crying then?” I responded with, “I just won over $26,000…I won the 50/50 grand prize draw!” I couldn’t believe my words.

My retirement came two years ago when due to personal family obligations, my almost 50-year career as a registered nurse came to an end when I left the Ambulatory Care Oncology Clinic at Guelph General Hospital.  

As time went on I began to purchase the 50/50 tickets to support the hospital in a small way that I could afford.  When the $40 for 200 tickets option was released, I felt it was a great opportunity and began to purchase the tickets as a way of supporting the hospital and our community.

My hopes for the winnings are to finally be able to afford a new driveway and save the rest as an emergency fund. Being retired my dental, optical and some medications are out of pocket and this can become very costly.

Thank you again, I am still getting “goosebumps” every time I share my story.  In sharing, I wanted to encourage others to play, not only for the chance to win cash, but most importantly to share and support our hospital and community’s great need. Because you can have all the money in the world, but without your health, you have nothing.

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