Together, We Care Campaign Impact Spotlight: Special Care Nursery

July 2022 Circle of Life Insider Update

It has been years of planning, working with the Ministry of Health for approval and, of course, fundraising. Now we are ready to build our new 100% donor-funded Special Care Nursery!  

With the demolition complete and the area cleaned out, our Special Care Nursery (SCN) could be safely viewed by our Hospital’s clinical directors. Photographed below, Facilities Director, Dwayne Shelswell, acted as guide to Kim Towes, Senior Director Patient Services and Karen Suk-Patrick, VP People and Support Services in the emptied space.

The empty space brought home the extent of the transformation that has happened so far. This isn’t just a simple remodel, but a complete reimagining of the space.

In fact, it would be difficult to tell this space was once home to our SCN if it weren’t for the wall of windows in the former hallway.

The new layout has been marked on the floor so work can begin on installing plumbing to connect to sanitary lines, says Dan Brzak, Director Redevelopment and Planning. “We are engaged in meetings with the contractor, our clinical teams and support teams like IT, Environmental Services and IPAC (Infection Prevention and Control). Through this work we will establish a phasing plan to safely allow work to continue.”

To give a sense of the scale of the space being gained through this build, the former hallway space is shown in blue. This area and the rest of the former SCN will be completely transformed.

The expanded space will allow parents to sleep in with their babies in rooms with walls and doors, not curtains, for enhanced infection control, privacy and bonding. New equipment with technological advances will allow improved assessment and monitoring of birth and recovery, reducing risks for mom and baby. The Family Birthing Unit Operating Room, where C-sections are performed, is also being updated, as is the newborn resuscitation space, right beside the OR.

All in all, the new Special Care Nursery will foster Guelph General’s philosophy of integrated and family-centered care and be a beautiful space for babies to get a terrific start, thanks to donors like you.