The Guelph Wellington Ontario Health Team releases its 2022-2025 Strategic Priorities

Last year, Guelph General Hospital was selected to be a part of an Ontario Health Teams (OHT) pilot initiative, with the objective of implementing a new model of organizing and delivering health care that better connects patients and providers in our community. Out of many applications, Guelph and Wellington’s application by local health sector partners was selected as a trial team by the Ministry of Health. Local partners joined together under the title of Guelph Wellington Ontario Health Team, or Guelph Wellington OHT.

For the first year, the focus is on complex mental health and addictions, palliative care, and the implementation of integrated primary care teams and governance, while also introducing digital health capabilities that follow patients through their health care journey.

“Much work has been done to get this incredible partnership to this stage but there’s much more to come”, Marianne Walker, CEO, Guelph General Hospital says. “As always, we will do our best to keep everyone well informed along the way”.

Currently, there are 42 OHTs in the province and ours is one of seven selected to proceed to the next stage of planning for the Home Care Modernization Leading Project program. Its objective is to:

  • Improve responsiveness to patient needs, quality, access, equity of care for patients and caregivers, and improved provider experience.
  • Build on the development of new models of home care delivery, apply local and international best practices, and leverage lessons learned from prior tests of change.
  • Demonstrate potential for new models of care that can/will be enabled by the Ministry’s new legislation and are connected to primary care and other OHT services.
  • Expand understanding of home care delivery among OHT partners.
  • Share lessons learned that will inform the plan for home care modernization in future phases.

To read more about the 2022-2025 strategic priorities, details available here.

The Guelph and Wellington OHT supports the work of Guelph General Hospital by creating a continuity of care for patients and their families through the network of community partners, limiting their need to come to the Linamar Emergency Department. This, in turn, creates improved patient flow and shorter wait times at the Hospital.

The Guelph Wellington OHT is, in part, funded through support from the Ministry of Health. Local partners include:

*Community Partners:

  • Support Guelph & Area health system partners in their work and are committed to collaborating and supporting the ongoing work of the Guelph Wellington Ontario Health Team.
  • Believes Guelph Wellington OHT partnership will lead to better patient and population health outcomes; better patient, family and caregiver experience; better provider experience; and better value in our local health care system. 
  • Support the direction of the Guelph Wellington OHT and will collaborate with the Team as we provide care to our mutual patients/clients/residents.

For more information about community partners and how Guelph and Wellington OHT is supporting your community visit their website, found here.