Congratulations to Carol and Bob Mulvey, February’s Grand Prize winners who won $34,298!

The winning ticket number, T-1504894, was pulled at 11:00 a.m. on Monday, February 28th.

“What an amazing early 80th birthday gift this makes for my husband, Bob”, enthused Carol Mulvey after winning $34,298 in the 50/50 Hospital Lottery in support of Guelph General Hospital.

Carol has played consistently from the very beginning of the 50/50 in July of 2020. She knew it was an easy way to help the hospital and wasn’t really focused on actually winning. Still, she did mention casually to Bob on the morning of February 28th, “So, today is the hospital 50/50 draw day.” Not ten minutes later her phone rang and it was Sarah Ferguson, the Foundation of Guelph General Hospital’s lottery manager.

Carol recounted, “It took several minutes of speaking with Sarah for it to sink in. I was so discombobulated. You dream about it, of course, but I wasn’t prepared for that phone call.” Bob also spent a few minutes overhearing the conversation and seeing Carol’s reaction before he figured out what was happening. He says that they were both in shock. They kept asking each other, “Was it really $34,000?”

Carol and Bob, married for 56 years, have two children. They shared the news immediately with their daughter, Jacqueline, in Waterloo and their son, Frank, in Belle River. Their kids were so excited for them and began to spread the news to the three grandsons and two granddaughters ranging in age from 17 to 23. Of course, everyone wanted to know what they would spend the money on.

The number one priority for Carol is planning a bigger and better celebration of Bob’s upcoming 80th birthday. “We are a very close family. I want to have all eleven of us together. We will go out for a big celebration dinner somewhere very special. Being grandparents is the best thing in the world and the best time of our life.” Well, $34,298 will certainly help them spoil those grandkids!

The number two priority for Carol is a new dishwasher, one that is super quiet with all the bells and whistles. The money will also help Carol enhance her garden. Carol loves gardening and plans to buy some new shrubs and perennials.

Carol and Bob are still dreaming up the other ways that they will enjoy their winnings. What a fun new hobby that sounds like! Congratulations again, Carol and Bob.