Congratulations to November’s grand prize winner of $54,845, Trevor Street!

The winning ticket number, Q-3096315, was pulled at 11:00 a.m. on Tuesday, November 30th.

“The very first thing I did? Oh. I sat and stared at the blank wall for several minutes. Then I went and found my wife, who also went in to shock”, shared Trevor Street. “I am sure I didn’t sound very excited on the phone to Sarah.”

Sarah Ferguson manages the 50/50 Hospital Lottery and gets the fun job of phoning our winners. “I could tell Trevor didn’t believe me. I was happy to hear later that he was thrilled once he got out of his state of disbelief.”

Trevor checked the mail one day in early November and saw a colourful postcard about the 50/50. He hadn’t known about the lottery before. On a whim he decided to immediately buy tickets. “I wanted to have something to dream about and I knew my $20 would help the hospital. I had stopped buying the occasional lotto max ticket, the chances to win are so slim, but this was local.”

What to do with all of that money? Trevor and his wife, Cheryl Laird, have just finished a kitchen renovation and can pay all of the bills expected in the next few weeks. Trevor also plans to buy an exercise bike to use in the winter when it’s too cold to exercise outside. The idea of a family trip post-COVID is now more possible. He is even dreaming about installing a hot tub.

Trevor and Cheryl have three children, age 27, 31 and 35. At the time we met with Trevor, he had not yet shared the news with them. He wanted to get the actual cheque in his hands first. He was planning to text them a picture of it and expected them to be very excited!

How lucky to win a jackpot the very first time you buy tickets. We just had to ask Trevor whether that was one-and-done or will he play again. “Absolutely I will play again now that I know about it. Heck, I can afford even more tickets now!”

Thanks, Trevor, for that enthusiasm and congratulations!