Circle of Life Members Fund Urgently Needed Patient Equipment

December 2021 Circle of Life Insider Update

Thank you for once again supporting patient equipment needs of Guelph General Hospital. Together, donors like you contributed over $18,000 through our special Circle of Life appeal. This means we can purchase six pieces of urgently needed equipment. Here’s what you helped fund:


DepartmentxItem FundedxCostxHow it Will Support Patient Care
Medical and Surgical Units Two Patient Lifts$4,370 Patient lifts allow our team to safely and comfortably move patients from one position to another, or from one surface to another. This improves patient safety and staff safety, along with quality of care and experience.
Bob Ireland Family Intensive Care Unit (ICU)One Label Printer$2,200 Most patients in our ICU have lab samples taken regularly to monitor their condition. A new label printer for samples will support efficient work-flow within the ICU while reducing chance of labelling errors.
Hasenfratz Ambulatory Care UnitOne Stretcher$3,000 This new stretcher keeps patients safe and comfortable while receiving treatment. Ergonomically designed, it also keeps staff safe.
Medical UnitOne Tilt Recline Seat$3,640This new recline seat provides greater comfort to patients because it redistributes pressure and air flow.
Surgical UnitOne Diagnostic Surgeon’s Headlight$5,000This headlight provides optimal illumination for the lead surgeon and surgical team during procedures, helping them better diagnose and treat illness and injury.

Sample Illustrations of Funded Items

Directors of the units have been notified that they can now order these new pieces of equipment. Christine Hutchinson, our Director of Ambulatory Care, was so excited to hear the news.

“This makes such a difference to how we care for our patients. Our old stretcher is on its last legs and we use the stretchers to care for patients will all sorts of needs. This is fantastic news!”  – Christine Hutchinson

As these new pieces are ordered and delivered, stay tuned for more details about how these items are making a difference to patient care throughout the Hospital.

Donors like you are an essential part of our Hospital’s healthcare team. You give our caregivers the tools they need to heal, comfort, and care for patients at Guelph General Hospital. Thanks to you and all Circle of Life members for making these important patient care equipment items possible at Guelph General Hospital.