Donna Sartori wins April’s 50/50 Hospital Lottery prize of $51,178

The winning ticket number, J-5747935, for the April draw was pulled at 11AM on Friday, April 30th for a prize of $51,178.

“What a cure for my COVID blues,” exclaimed our April winner Donna Sartori. Usually the family optimist, she confessed to feeling “very down” lately. When she told John, her husband of 50 years, how low she felt it surprised him. It was such a change from her usual outlook and role as the family morale booster. “Then the phone call came, at just the right time, telling me I won the 50/50!”

Donna rushed to share the news with John and then opened the front door. “I wanted to see if any neighbours were out to share the news with but no one was.” She then quickly sent a message off to her 14-member iMessage family texting group. Excited messages from her three daughters, their spouses, her siblings and her six grandchildren started to pour in. Needless to say, Donna’s mood lifted.

“I have played every month since it began in order to support the hospital. I typically never win anything so it is a shock. I will continue to play though statistically I’m sure this could never happen again. I always enjoy reading the winner stories and now it will be about me,” enthused Donna.

How will she spend her winnings? “I definitely want to spoil my six grandchildren. I love being able to do that. Maybe, after restrictions lift, we can all go on a trip. We had planned to redo our driveway, retaining wall, and front steps gradually over three years but now can speed that up. We also have many relatives in Italy to visit post-COVID too. This is a great windfall for a retired couple!”

Congratulations, Donna!

Tickets for May’s draw are on sale now and the minimum guaranteed prize is $9,999! We also have two early bird draws happening on Friday, May 14th for $500 each. Make sure to buy your tickets before Friday, May 14th at 10:59am to be included in both early bird draws as well as the grand prize draw. It is possible for the same number to win both the early bird prize and the grand prize. That’s a lot of chances to win.

PLUS we have a NEW TICKET BUNDLE for everyone. You can now purchase 200 tickets for $40. Buying early helps the prize grow to as high as it can be, so buy your tickets today!

The next lucky grand prize winner will be drawn on Monday, May 31st at 11AM!

50/50 tickets can be purchased by anyone 18+ years old within the province of Ontario at Visit the page regularly to stay up to date on how high the current prize is.

On behalf of the entire community, thank you to all who continue to support. When our hospital is able to purchase equipment like this, we all win.

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