Your generosity ensures patients can receive the care they need within their own community.

Patients who require continuous monitoring of vital signs such as oxygen levels and heart rhythms cannot be left unmonitored for any length of time.

This presents a challenge when an MRI scan is needed.
Standard cardiac monitors do not work in the MRI suite because the MRI creates a strong magnetic field that interferes with the capture of the information by the monitor. In addition, the physical components of a standard monitor are made of magnetic material, meaning the monitor would become a projectile in the MRI suite!

Because MRI scans can take an hour or even more, transferring the patient from a standard monitor to a specialized MRI-compatible monitor is an absolute must to ensure the highest level of care and safety.

If there were no available MRI-compatible monitor and the patient required an MRI, we would not be able to do the scan at GGH. The patient would have to be transferred to another hospital to ensure their safety. However, transporting the patient back and forth is not ideal for their stability or comfort either.

Guelph General Hospital needed to replace its MRI-compatible cardiac monitor because the previous unit was failing and could no longer be repaired. Thankfully the Hospital’s caregivers and their patients can rely on community members like you who support the ongoing patient care equipment needs of the Hospital.

Thanks to our caring and generous donors, a new MRI-compatible cardiac monitor is on its way. Right now we are using a loaner unit, but soon our new monitor will arrive, helping our caregivers keep a continuous watchful eye on their critically ill patients.