A collaborative effort prepares GGH’s Intensive Care Unit for COVID-19

As the severity of the COVID-19 virus became apparent, our Bob Ireland Family Intensive Care Unit began to prepare.

The team including doctors, nurses, administrative staff and respiratory therapists worked internally within Guelph General Hospital to expand the number of patient beds. ICU staff also prepared for enhanced infection control precautions for procedures like intubation.

At the same time, ICU collaborated with their counterparts at the other area hospitals for a regional pandemic plan. This regional partnership allows us to share equipment or transfer patients if needed to ensure that no single hospital is overwhelmed.

We hope community members will not ever need our ICU, but please know that the Hospital is prepared and ready, and here for you, as always. 

This story originated on Guelph General Hospital’s Facebook page on June 11th, 2020 as part of its #behindthemask series to share how the Hospital is working hard to protect patients and visitors from #COVID19.