Donors fund two big projects totaling $2,184, 575!

Thanks to our generous community, 33 new Endoscopes and a new Central Cardiac Monitoring System will facilitate improved patient care.

Suzanne Bone, CEO, The Foundation of Guelph General Hospital explained “We have been raising funds for these two projects for a while and are so excited that enough money was contributed for them to move forward. What a difference they will make to our patients.”

The new Endoscopes have already arrived and the Central Cardiac Monitoring system will be delivered in October.

The Foundation started fundraising for the Central Cardiac Monitoring System with its 2018 seasonal direct mail and online giving campaign and continued to fundraise for it through to the end of 2019. Thousands of donations contributed towards this system, so vital in monitoring the Hospital’s most sick and vulnerable patients.

Funding for the endoscopes is with thanks to donors who gave more recently towards our current capital campaign and who responded to our recent mailings or made online gifts. Proceeds from the July and August 50/50 Hospital Lottery also provided some of the funding.

Paul Osborne, Board Chair,
The Foundation of Guelph General Hospital

 “It’s an incredible privilege to sign a cheque to the hospital on behalf of the thousands of community members who gave so generously to fund these two important projects,” said Paul Osborne, the Foundation’s Board Chair.