Bruce McLeod writes to express thanks

This kind letter from Bruce McLeod was received in early September. It’s moments like this that we feel most grateful for all those who support the hospital through their generous donations.

That’s because donors fund every piece of patient care equipment at Guelph General, allowing our Hospital’s caregivers to provide the best care and experience to patients and their families.

Last week (Aug 29-30), I was admitted to hospital overnight for the first time in my 91 years.

I want to thank everyone who helped me for their immediate friendliness and kind efficiency. The 21st century medical technology (I was there for a pacemaker implant) was truly amazing.

Matthew in the Emergency Department helped to relax me when I arrived. Dr. Raso’s quick diagnosis and sensitivity questions set everything going. Other health professionals, including a most helpful man who was in and out, made sure I was comfortable. On the Step-down floor they were so thoughtful – nothing I needed was too much trouble. They welcomed me back from St. Mary’s with warm blankets, smiles, and hot dinner.

The ambulance attendants were quick and understanding, wishing – like I did – that the vehicles had proper shock absorbers!

Then at St. Mary’s, Dr. Rinne was so relaxed, explaining everything, before he skillfully did the procedure, with the Aneasthesiologist saying reassuring words before it began. There again, in the recovery room and then in the day surgery waiting room, I was brought snacks, and helped to telephone my wife in Guelph by another amazingly attentive and helpful man.

THANK YOU, one and all. I am so grateful. We are truly blessed to live in Canada, with our health system, and close to outstanding hospitals like St. Mary’s and Guelph General Hospital.

My wife, Joyce Kelly, and I are glad to be monthly donors to Guelph General.

– Norman Bruce McLeod