Cody Moynihan

It’s not magic. But it is so impressive! Cody Moynihan is a Guelph-based mentalist who recently put his skills to use during the pandemic with all proceeds going directly to The Foundation of Guelph General Hospital. 

On May 23rd, Cody delivered a live-stream Zoom performance where he demonstrated techniques to create the illusion of mind reading. The performance allowed viewers to volunteer to participate from the comfort of home. In all, Cody raised over $5,000 for Guelph General Hospital through the performance. 

Guelph General is Moynihan’s charity of choice for good reason. Ten years ago, when he was sixteen, he was injured during a mixed martial arts competition. The injury was severe, resulting in a chronic condition that put Cody back in the ER many times in the past ten years for pain management, subjected him to several different surgeries, and required weeks in the GGH Intensive Care Unit. He says, “It was the doctors at Guelph General Hospital who saved my arm, and the show is one way of giving back. I feel I owe a lot to the hospital staff, and I do this to support them.” Donating proceeds from the show is Cody’s way of expressing gratitude for the care he has had over the years. 

Cody is aware that community funding is necessary for the vital signs monitors and IV pumps so essential to his health. He is also mindful of the skills crucial for his care. He is especially grateful to the staff in the Emergency Department.  

“Supporting staff in the ED is a big factor in my decision to give to GGH. I’m in the Emergency Department so often, I get to see how crazy busy it is; staff have to deal with so many different situations. If there is anything I can do to make their lives more comfortable and improve their efficiency, I’ll do it.” 

Cody and his wife have been regular GGH donors for years now. The show proceeds are only one way that they give back. They also donate through the Foundation’s Gifts of Gratitude program to honour specific caregivers.

So, you might say, after all, that Cody really does magic for Guelph General Hospital!