Every contribution matters to Guelph General Hospital

New donor funded Blood Gas Analyzers arrived at Guelph General Hospital just when they’re needed most.

At a cost of just under $30,000, Guelph General Hospital was able to purchase two new blood gas analyzers, thanks to generous donations made by caring supporters.

“They may not be big and flashy like an MRI or CT scanner, but they are just as important in the care of patients, especially those who are critically ill,” explained Jim McIntosh, Charge Technologist, Clinical Chemistry, GGH.

Blood gas analyzers are critical for rapidly analyzing blood samples for the diagnosis and treatment of life-threatening blood gas imbalances.

Blood gas imbalances can result from kidney failure, heart failure, uncontrolled diabetes, sepsis and other critical conditions.

When a critically ill patient arrives through the Emergency Department, a blood gas analysis is often one of the first tests ordered.

A huge benefit of the new blood gas analyzers is that processing times have decreased from two minutes down to 45 seconds. When a patient is critically ill, every second matters to saving their life.

One of two new blood gas analyzers funded by generous donors.

And, especially now, with the COVID-19 pandemic, having these new analyzers is more important than ever. That’s because in patients who need a ventilator to breathe, knowing blood gas levels is essential in monitoring a patient’s condition and how well they are being ventilated.

“In the Lab, and throughout the Hospital, there are hundreds of small tools like the new blood gas analyzers that donors fund,” said Jim. “I want donors to know how important they are in helping us provide the highest quality care and experience to all patients and their families. By funding every piece of patient care equipment at Guelph General Hospital, donors truly make a difference.”

One of the analyzers was funded by the Beyond Borders program, through funds raised at their Illuminate Gala held January 18, 2020. The other unit was funded through donations that were made by numerous individuals from within our community.