Judy writes to GGH expressing her gratitude for the exceptional care she received

We often receive letters from former patients letting us know how much they appreciated the care received while at Guelph General Hospital. These letters usually focus on the incredible team of staff at the Hospital, and the compassion and kindness with which they work. What we know is that behind this team stand our donors, people like you, funding the vital equipment that enables the highest quality care and experience to be provided.

We thought we’d share one such letter received recently that was addressed to Marianne Walker, CEO, Guelph General Hospital. It is our honour to pass along this patient’s gratitude to you. Thank you for helping us save lives and improve health, together with our community.

Hello Ms. Walker,

I have just recently returned home after spending 7 days in your 6 West ward for surgery. I would like to congratulate you and your wonderful staff for their tremendous professionalism in a chaotic, unique time.

With all the fears about COVID-19, possible supply shortages your staff remained caring, dedicated, compassionate and efficient. I found that absolutely amazing that they could be so compassionate and patient when the world around them was spinning out of control and they were targets in the storm. I am certain that they had fears but they expressed them amongst themselves – not letting it affect any of their duties to the patients. I loved the cooperation that they exuded – when someone was overwhelmed another nurse or staff member would step in and help.

Bravo to a wonderful “front line” of workers. I needed care and they were there delivering it with sensitivity- a difficult thing to do when you have a young family at home and you are working on the battle lines – front row.

Please offer my heartfelt thanks to everyone on 6 West and thank them for being so special. I trust that everyone keeps healthy and safe and good luck to you as you journey down this dangerous, unknown pathway of global turmoil.