Cindy Bray

Way to go, Louie!  That’s what Cynthia Louise (Cindy Lou) Bray’s dad used to say to her when she did something great. 

Cindy is one of GGH’s Registered Pharmacy Technicians and she deserves a “way to go” from all of us. Her name was added to the GGH Donor Wall this past fall in recognition of her long-standing contributions to the Foundation over the years that she has worked in the Hospital’s pharmacy.

Cindy has worked as a technician for thirty years since graduating from Humber College, with the last twenty years at Guelph General, and she feels very attached to the place.  “I’ve benefitted personally with surgery and both of my parents have been in-patients. My sister’s baby was born here. Supporting my local community is a priority for me.”

“I give on my paycheck every two weeks. It’s automatic and I don’t miss it at all. Besides, the donations are tax-deductible! How great is that!” But Cindy doesn’t stop at the payroll deduction plan. She volunteers her time as well — Taste of Guelph and the Thanksgiving Road Races when GGH was involved in those events, and now Black Tie Bingo, to mention a few. She says that the Foundation staff are a great bunch to work with. 

Recently, Cindy was involved in a fundraiser for a colleague in need. With other members of her work team, she helped raise over $3000 with a bake table and gift raffle. 

Cindy knows how important donations are to the work being done at GGH.  As an example, thanks to donors, Guelph General was recently able to start rolling out the first phase of their new medication management system. The system will completely computerize the prescribing process. That means no handwriting that could get misread and no paperwork to go astray. The system confirms the correct dose and even alerts the prescriber to possible allergies and interactions with other medications. Advancements in patient care like this simply would not be possible without donor support.

So Cindy gives: her name on the Donor Wall signifies that she has donated more than $5,000 over the years. She wants to encourage other staffers and community members to join her, and her enthusiasm is very contagious. Way to go, Louie!