Donor-funded equipment from diagnosis to post-op helped Paul Breadner beat prostate cancer

In November 2017, Paul Breadner and his work colleagues participated in Movember, the fundraising and awareness campaign for men’s health. As he had done in previous years, Paul took a yearly PSA (Prostate-Specific Antigen) test as part of his commitment. This time, the results came back showing slightly elevated levels. After repeated PSA tests with similar results, his urologist recommended further diagnostic tests.

At Guelph General Hospital, an MRI showed an abnormal structure and an ultrasound-guided biopsy later confirmed that Paul had an aggressive form of prostate cancer.

Paul recalls his treatment decision being an easy one to make. “My surgeon carefully explained my options. I could go to Hamilton for a new less invasive procedure but it would be a four to five month wait. Or, I could have my prostate removed at Guelph General Hospital in just three short weeks from my diagnosis. I chose to get the cancer out as soon as possible.”

On September 2018, he underwent surgery and stayed in the Hospital for four days before going home.

From the technologists operating the diagnostic imaging equipment to the pre-op nurses, to his surgeons and urologist, to the student RNs and RNAs, and even the staff who came in to move beds around and clean the rooms, Paul says, “The support structure is awesome, the passion for good health care is inspiring, and the resources are first class.” Any apprehension he had completely vanished when staff answered all of his questions, explained every step, and put him at ease with their compassion and professionalism.

Paul freely expresses his appreciation for the excellent support systems in place at GGH. He likened the Hospital to his business experience where ‘the chain is as strong as its weakest link.’ In his experience, to keep the best people and advance their work, the Hospital needs to be well supported. Paul made a substantial contribution to the Foundation to support this important goal.

Just retired from his marketing career, Paul is looking forward to a new business working with his wife and spending lots of time with his young grandson. He is optimistic and so grateful to GGH for the excellent care he received.