Dr. Dean Raso, Chief of Internal Medicine, brings 3 Wishes Project to our Hospital

When Dr. Dean Raso came across articles about the 3 Wishes Project he recognized right away it could help contribute to the Hospital’s mission to provide the highest quality care and experience to patients and their families.

The Project was created to improve end-of-life care experiences for patients, families and clinicians. It encourages specific wishes to be fulfilled that are unique to each patient and their loved ones. Most of the wishes are simple; a patient may want to see their pet or to listen to their favorite song.

Dr. Raso was fortunate to know one of the physicians who had spearheaded the project in Hamilton at St. Joseph’s Healthcare.

After researching the project, Dr. Raso presented it to the ICU team at Guelph General Hospital, and they whole-heartedly supported the idea. A committee was formed with representation from ICU nursing, pastoral care and social work to help govern and implement the project. .

“Compassion is often the most potent treatment we can offer to a patient and their loved ones, especially near end of life. The 3 Wishes Project provides another way for healthcare providers to provide compassion to those who often need it most,” Dr. Raso said. “The families really appreciate the gesture.”

Since the project started in July 2018, close to 40 wishes have been granted. How does it work? When a patient is palliative or has a guarded prognosis, their physician or nurse provides information about the program. If they are interested, the patient or their family shares their wishes and the healthcare team makes the wishes come true.

Currently the modest amount of funding required to run the project has been provided by donations. Some of the expenses have included flameless, reusable candles and a portable stereo with CD player.

Thanks to the leadership and compassion shown by Dr. Raso and the 3 Wishes Committee, patients and their families are able to find a little bit of happiness or even joy during their most trying times.