2018 Seasonal Fundraising Campaign Report

The Foundation wishes to thank all those who made a gift during our 2018 seasonal campaign period. It was one of the most successful seasonal campaigns to date, raising $177,164!

Donations were made in response to the Fall Newsletter and to a series of direct mail letters. Online donations in November and December were also included in the seasonal campaign results.

As part of the seasonal campaign, the Foundation asked for donations to help fund important priorities, like purchasing vital signs monitors for every bedside, a central cardiac monitoring system, ceiling mounted patient lifts and specialized patient beds.

The money raised during the seasonal campaign period was enough to reach the funding need for vital signs monitors at every bedside. A total of 86 monitors were needed to complete this project; 61 monitors were funded through pledges from members of the Foundation’s Circle of Life membership; another 11 were funded by a few other community groups and events; this left 14 left to be funded with $74,200 from the seasonal campaign.

With the remaining $102,964 funds from the seasonal campaign, $22,000 will complete the funding need for six specialized patient beds for the Hospital’s ICU department. $288,000 was needed to complete this project and $266,000 was raised through the Foundation’s 2018 Black Tie Bingo.

And the final $80,964 remaining will go towards ceiling lifts or the central cardiac monitoring system.

“With two of the four priority equipment projects complete, and another one on its way to being complete, we hope our donors feel proud of what they helped to accomplish” said Suzanne Bone, CEO of the Foundation.

The Foundation is preparing for their annual Spring campaign and will continue to fundraise for the patient lifts and central cardiac monitoring system.