Three New Donor-funded Laparoscopic Towers Have Arrived!

With thanks to all who contributed towards last year’s Black Tie Bingo, patients in need of laparoscopic surgery will now benefit from modern image technology for the best possible outcomes.

Guelph General Hospital performs 3,000 “laparoscopic” surgeries each year. A video camera and operative instruments are inserted in tiny incisions, allowing the surgeon to view what’s inside. It’s less invasive and faster than traditional surgery.

Earlier this month, Guelph General Hospital received three new “laparoscopic towers” that were entirely funded through last year’s Black Tie Bingo fundraising gala. They replaced three units that were 10 years old and nearing end of life.

Today’s laparoscopic cameras and monitors provide unsurpassed colour and contrast. These systems use ultra-high definition that provides four times the resolution of conventional HD imaging systems. Surgeons are able to achieve greater precision and surgeries are often quicker, which results in better patient recovery times and overall outcomes.

Dr. Foute Nelong, General Surgeon and Laparoscopic Surgeon at Guelph General Hospital explains “the sense of touch that is used in open surgery is completely eliminated in laparoscopic surgery, so the sense of sight and the ability to see clear images is critical to the success of the surgery. These new units bring shortened surgery times, faster recovery, and reduced risk of complications.”

The new towers are already in use in the orthopedic, ENT (ears, nose throat), and gynecological operating rooms. These three are in addition to two others that the Hospital acquired the year prior and have been in use for bariatric surgeries, bringing GGH’s fleet of modern laparoscopic towers up to a total of five.

“Scheduling of laparoscopic surgeries is much easier now because all five of the new towers are the same, all the parts are compatible, and the image quality is appropriate for any type of laparoscopic surgery performed at GGH” says Tina Coogan, OR Resource Nurse at GGH.

One of every two dollars spent on hospital equipment at Guelph General Hospital comes from a caring community donor. Because government funding does not cover all essential equipment costs, funding for these laparoscopic towers was only made possible by those who gave so generously through last year’s Black Tie Bingo.