Maureen LaLonde is grateful for the healthcare team at Guelph General Hospital’s Emergency Department

Maureen arrived at Guelph General Hospital by ambulance after collapsing at her workplace in Guelph. She was one of many waiting to be taken care of but she waited only briefly before being taken for some tests.

While waiting for the results, Maureen observed the healthcare staff busy at work. “The interactions between staff were positive, they were working so well together as a team. At the same time, I noticed a poster on the wall that listed the Hospital’s values, including attitude, teamwork, and optimum patient care, and I thought to myself – ‘wow these staff are really living their values.’”

Later the emergency physician met with her to review the test results and inform her of her diagnosis –type II diabetes. “It was an overwhelming experience. As much as it wasn’t pleasant to take in this information, the physician made it as positive as can be through his pleasant delivery of the news. He was patient and gave clear responses and information to my many questions,” recalls Maureen.

Her care did not stop once she left the Hospital. She was given information about local support options and, when her family doctor requested information from the Hospital, it was provided quickly.

Maureen says she is not normally one to take the time to send in compliments but following this experience she felt it was necessary for the team to know how grateful she was to everyone she encountered that day.  In her email submission to the Hospital’s Patient Relations Department, Maureen wrote:

“…I have never before experienced the professionalism, efficiency and empathy that I was privileged to receive at your facility … I witnessed nothing less than total dedication and encouragement for everyone in the ED that day.”