Hospital using globally-recognized program to support quality care in its Family Birthing Unit

Providing the best care for mothers and newborns has always been the top priority for Guelph General Hospital’s (GGH) Family Birthing Unit (FBU).

With its recent recommitment to the quality-improvement program, MOREOB , expectant moms coming to the hospital can be even more confident of the care they’ll receive. The Hospital’s  Chief of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Dr. Valerie Mueller, is directly involved in supporting the initiative.

“Our FBU team had completed the program in the past but with staff turnover and advancements in care we felt it was worthwhile to enroll again,” Dr. Mueller says. “New team members can complete the program and it gives those who have already completed it a chance to refresh their knowledge.”

The MOREOB program helps create a hospital environment where team members are empowered, patient safety and teamwork are prioritized, communication is open, individuals are valued, and learning is emphasized. While hospitals aren’t required to participate, those at GGH knew how valuable it could be. Much of the benefit comes from strengthening communication amongst the health care team, says Angel Netto, FBU Clinical Educator.

“It gets everyone speaking the same language for more effective communication,” explains Netto. “It helps get rid of hierarchy so that in an emergency everyone feels comfortable speaking up.”

“Nurses feel more comfortable raising concerns,” says Netto with Dr. Mueller echoing the sentiment saying physicians also feel more comfortable knowing that they have support.

The program includes online modules, independent reading and workshops. Currently, everyone at GGH involved in delivering babies at the Hospital is enrolled. These include FBU nurses, physicians and community partners including midwives

“Everyone signing up for this voluntary program is a true testament to the team’s commitment to provide the best possible quality care and experience,” says Jerren Helwig, Registered Midwife.