Diane Dyer, Emergency Department Attendant

Leadership in patient care excellence is found throughout Guelph General Hospital and across all staff roles.

Diane Dyer has worked at Guelph General Hospital for close to sixteen years and for the last seven, she has supported patient care as an Emergency Department Attendant.

“I just love supporting the patients” says Diane about her role.

Diane supports Emergency Department nurses and doctors by keeping the department stocked with supplies and linens, sourcing patient care equipment – often with great haste – helping to transfer patients, and assisting with numerous other needs as they arise. She’s “always on the move” throughout her 12-hour shifts.

While Diane’s role may appear task-based, her role is like every other at GGH. It’s about supporting exceptional patient care.

“I try to do everything as fast as I can so that patients are cared for quickly and have their wait reduced” said Diane.

There are many times throughout her shift that Diane will have direct contact with patients, and in these moments, she tries to show a lot of compassion and offer comfort when she can.

“Sometimes if I can see if someone is upset, I try to provide some comfort, listen, sometimes hold their hand.”

Diane is one of more than 1,800 staff, physicians and volunteers who help provide the highest quality care and experience to patients and their families.