Newborn Care at Guelph General Hospital benefitting from The Guelph District Shrine Club donation

The Guelph District Shrine Club has been supporting the Hospital since 2003. This past year saw them make a $2,000 gift for the purchase of a specialized laryngoscope used in infant care.

A laryngoscope helps doctors and nurses keep airways clear. For the Hospital’s Family Birthing Unit, the scope can be critically important. It is used at times when infants aren’t breathing well and routine procedures aren’t working.

“If you are intubating an infant it is because it is an emergency situation,” explains Dr. Ayman Rofaeel, Chief of Anaesthesiology, “Thankfully, this does not happen often but when it does that laryngoscope can help to save a life.”

The laryngoscope is also available for visually examining below the back of the throat of paediatric patients. It helps doctors identify the causes of voice and breathing problems, throat or ear pain, difficulty in swallowing and narrowing of the throat.

“I want to thank the Shriners who made it possible for us to have this valuable tool,” says Dr. Rofaeel. “Someday, it may even save a babies’ life.”

Laurie Williamson, Director, Maternal Newborn Services & Paediatrics  happily holds the new laryngoscope, accompanied by Lindsay LeBeau, RPN