Earth Week

This week’s #MondayMotivation demonstrates the importance of caring for our environment, in celebration of Earth Month.

While Guelph General Hospital’s focus is on providing the highest quality care and experience to patients and their families, doing so in an environmentally friendly way is important.

Through many initiatives implemented by staff, the Hospital continues to reduce its environmental footprint.

This week, we’d like to recognize three departments for their role in this work: the Balcony Bistro, Environmental Support and Facilities.

Here are some of the ways we make a difference:

  • properly disposing bad-for-the-environment materials like frying oils and old batteries;
  • composting of leftover foods and coffee grounds;
  • switching to bio-degradable and compostable serving dishes and containers (we estimate this switch saved 75,000 Styrofoam containers going to landfill!) with more to come;
  • recycling of all sorts – paper, plastic, cans, electronic waste, metal items;
  • diverting equipment waste from landfill (whenever possible, equipment we can no longer use is shipped to developing countries);
  • monitoring and maintaining the programs implemented through an Energy and Facility Renewal Program, that conserve energy and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, while saving money on utility costs.

Says Derek Wright, who runs our Balcony Bistro, “We are much happier reducing our negative impact on the environment and are always looking at options to do more!”

Tammy Smith from Environmental Support says, “Recycling takes little effort, but it makes a big difference to the world.”

At Guelph General Hospital, our staff are as committed to caring for the environment as they are to caring for patients.